Thursday, October 2, 2008

Orient Power Reserve CEX0Q001B0

This is one of the first Orients that I bought. I got this one while on holiday in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, after I bought it I found that it wasn't winding properly. So began my contact with Orient service. I looked up the agent in Hong Kong on the warranty card, caught the rapid rail to the district, walked the streets to find the address (and it was very hot) and went into the office. There I was greeted by the manager, Douglas. No trouble, please take a seat in here while we fix it. Then along comes a tray with coffee, tea and biscuits. Douglas soon joins us while we wait and we talk about Orients. He gets me a copy of the latest Orient catalogue. My watch is fixed and I leave there feeling like this company has really looked after me as an individual. Can't ask for better than that. On top of this, Douglas was the guy who had organised an Orient World Time to be available for me at a shop near my hotel for me to collect when I arrived in Hong Kong. You can probably now see why I am an avid Orient supporter.

Anyway enough of the ramble down memory lane.. Here is the watch..
Like a lot of Orients, the dial on this one has some subtle texture changes depending on the light. It can appear to have a lovely jet black dial and then you move the watch and you see....

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CS Foong said...

What a lovely model. I just bought the CEX0P001W with a white dial looks very much like yours. However, I noticed the lume isn't as good as Seiko's