Thursday, October 2, 2008

Orient Submariner 2ER00004D

Next is the lovely Orient Submariner 2ER00004D. The World Time theme is finished and now I move on to the Orient divers that I have. Bracelet is solid links but feels light. Watch diameter including crown is 42mm. A really nice homage style watch.


Jeremy Smith said...

Hi Tony, nice blog. What do you feel about the "Orient Submariner 2ER00004D" now? I'm assuming that the bracelet and case are gold plated. How bad has the finish worn off?

anzac1957 said...

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the comment..

I no longer have the Submariner.. Sold it to allow the purcahse of another Orient I was after.. There is now a version available that has sapphire crystal..

Jeremy Smith said...

I see. Where is the sapphire model? I only see the mineral glass one on the USA site and dont even find that model on the Japan site.


anzac1957 said...

You can find one here at least..