Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Orient Mako modding continued..

Still working on the Orient Mako mod..

Had this Orient that I never wear.. Didn't really like the bezel on it..

Same handset as these M-Force models..

So here is the movement transplanted into my Orient Mako case..

I am liking this better than the others mainly because of the nice clean dial..

and finally, with new seconds hand and strap..


Anonymous said...


I'm trying to restore an Orient Caliber 46943 for my Mako I. I need to replace the "balance wheel + cock + hairspring" with one in good condition. Do you know where can I find one ?

Best regards,

anzac1957 said...

Probably easiest to get a used movement or two from eBay. Seller thewatchcollector often has batches of Orient movements for sale.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks I will look at it ;-).

ABC said...
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